A New Child Will Invariably Impact On The Mother, Family Members and Household In A Variety Of Ways.

When expecting the birth of a newborn, we understand the many concerns that parents-to-be may be experiencing.

It’s quite natural for example for many to wonder: “will I be a good parent?” Or “Am I set up properly to soothe my baby and manage the impact on the rest of my household?” Or “do I have everything in place for all the daily stuff: nappy-changing, bathing, dressing and feeding?”

Then there are the inevitable visits for you to manage from other family members. There are the new aunts, the new uncles and the new grandparents.

A comfy spot in your new baby room may assist both the newborn and the visiting family members to quickly bond together. These are the people most likely to play a significant and welcome role in the life and development of your little one.

Everyone is different of course. Many new parents desire a love-haven without harmful surface-to-skin chemicals, abrasive-to-health paints and toxic textiles in this premier effort to launchpad the wellness of the newborn.

In an effort to manage any such parental angst, we have sought learned design consultants to meet with you for creative design and furnishment collaboration for your child’s very first room. Such consultation would typically embrace the following key areas:

  • Orientation of room to property
  • Budget considerations
  • Interior conceptual design
  • Colours consultation
  • Style decorating
  • Discussion of declutter, drawers and storage planning
    Design consult
  • Textile and coverings selections
  • Fixture specification freestanding or inbuilt furniture ie: change table, feeding table, cot, etc.
  • Discussion of accessories: monitors, etc.

Whether you wish for a traditional style nursery, a non-toxic environment or a totally personalised design with original framed artwork, we cater for all themes.

A happy baby means a happy mum, with flow-on benefits to the household and greater family circle.

So at Kirribilli Homes we are happy to provide a welcoming and amenable baby’s first room as your gateway to truly rewarding stewardship and functionality.

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