Bathrooms, Kitchens and Living Area.

Kirribilli Homes is a jack-of-all-trades. We do renovations in almost any room in your house including bathrooms, living room and kitchens. We assess the problem and employ the necessary renovations, to restore the area’s earlier condition. Our team provides quality and affordable services when you need them. Below are some of the areas we provide assistance:


Apart from the kitchen, bathrooms are one area, which faces much traffic. Hence, after some years, some of its components start giving in. The importance of this room cannot be overemphasized. It is the first room you enter before leaving for work and in the evening, you come back to it to drown your tiredness. We offer renovation and installation services for bathrooms. Call us anytime and we will be knocking at your door within no time.


The kitchen is the most frequented place. It offers an excellent place for preparing meals and cooking. In contemporary homes, the kitchen is also used for dining. This makes it the most important room in the house. We join efforts with you in making your kitchen, the most presentable and functional space. After years of offering renovation services, in residential places, we can assure you of quality services.

Living rooms

The living room is the face of your home. It is where you invite guests and have family moments. We understand the importance of keeping this room inviting and we do just that. We enable you to achieve your dream living room, regardless of whether you are working within a budget or not.

Do not hesitate to call us for any renovations in bathrooms, kitchens and living areas.